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From robots racing around the field and kicking the ball, to interfacing sensors and ICs with our onboard computers, the Electrical Subteam tackles a wide and important set of challenges that bridge together hardware and software. We work on a range of projects from PCB design and assembly using Altium, to firmware development, to creating modular test jigs. The electronics we work with include examples such as high voltage (Solenoids) and motor control (Field Oriented Control) using high speed communication (Serial Peripheral Interface). Electrical Subteam members work on many different design and hands-on projects that enable the robots to be controlled effectively.


The team’s primary goals are summarized below:

  • Improve the current skillset of the robots to enable them to perform their tasks with greater accuracy and precision

  • Develop new systems to enable the robots to gain new skills

    • like more complex curved or chip passes and shoots

    • to gain competitive advantages

  • Collaborate with the software team to ensure robot capabilities and characteristics enable maximum effectiveness of their game strategies

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