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The admin team functions as team project managers. The main responsibilities of the admin team are as follows:

  • Work with the other subteams to develop short and long term goals for the team

  • Maintain an intricate knowledge of the projects being pursued by the different subteams and how the individual projects will be integrated into the larger system upon completion

  • Act as a facilitator of communication between project groups when one group’s design changes may impact another group

  • Pursue and secure financial resources to enable the team to develop new projects

  • Act as the primary point of communication between the team and any external entities


Ultimately, the role of the admin team is to provide support to ensure development is carried out as efficiently as possible. The team meets weekly, with the other sub-teams to get updates from the teams on the progression of their projects and to complete any other work needed to support the team Some of these tasks may be creating travel arrangements for RoboCup, applying for team funding, or contacting sponsors.

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